dollar bill smile

Here are some good coin collecting tips I’ve learned over the years… Along with examples that I blogged about here on this site (in no particular order):

  1. Join a coin club – they’re perfect for trading/selling coins and just having fun!
  2. Expert collectors there can also help you grade your coins
  3. Tell all your friends/family you collect! They’ll find stuff for you!
  4. Always offer to pay 20% less if you’re buying a coin at a store/dealer
  5. Ask banks if they have anything “cool” or “old” looking
  6. Look for silver in foreign coins – no one ever notices/cares about them
  7. Look for modern foreign currency too – you can still use them as money!
  8. Separate out your “keepers” and those you’re willing to sell/trade
  9. Appreciate your coins more by putting them in viewing distance
  10. You can usually get more by asking for “credit” instead of cash
  11. Search for items in areas they don’t belong
  12. If something looks “off,” research it
  13. Look in jewelry boxes/drawers at yard sales and estate sales!
  14. Take an odd or non-mainstream coin one to a specialist
  15. Make a “trading binder” or box to separate out all the coins/currency you’re willing to trade
  16. Empty jars make great containers for silver and poorer coins – as well as modern foreign ones!

Have any tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below so we can all learn :)