Attack of The Silver Dimes!

silver dime hoard

I was over at my mother-in-law’s this weekend, and it turns out her sister (my aunt-in-law?) has had a hoard of silver dimes at her bank for decades. I asked if she wanted me to take a look at them and value them for her, and she was thrilled by it, as was I :)

The story goes that she had been given a loan from her father back in the early 60’s for something, and when she went to pay him back – all in dimes (hah!) – he told her just to keep it. So she did. For years, and years, and YEARS!

Turns out they were all pre-1965 too, which of course means they were full of silver-silver-SILVER, baby! WOO! To say I was in heaven looking through these is an understatement…

Here’s what the pile of envelopes containing these dimes looked like:

envelopes silver dimes

She had separated them out into years, and then added an extra envelope somewhere along the way with other older coins as well. My favorite types to go through :)

After two hours of sorting and looking through every single coin – over 460 of them! – the results were as follows:

silver hoard values

The silver values were as of June 5th @ $16.11/oz. No rarities in there, but she did have over $550 worth of silver alone (!). And then double it in terms of total coin value (per the Red Book). But to get that would be a stretch, so you’d prob be looking somewhere in the middle of that range there, and skewing more to the silver values if you were to try and cash out. It would take a lot of time to try and offload over 400 dimes to non-bullion hoarders, haha…

Still, a nice increase from the $40.00 back in the day. 13.7 x better actually! :)

Here’s a nice shot at the non-dimes in the collection:

non silver dimes coins

One Morgan dollar (1891), one Barber Quarter (??), One Buffalo Nickel (??), and two V-Nickels (1909 and 1911). Not in the best condition, but always fun to come across.

And here’s a bunch of other pictures of the dimes and coins:

These will better put in perspective just HOW MANY of them there were! And I got pretty creative with the shots too – esp with the magnifying glass :) (Did you know it works well with cameras?? I had no idea!)

silver hoard times coins

silver dime piles

magnified dimes old silver

mercury dimes pile


magnified nickels old

Their new home in empty jelly jars :)

silver dime jars

Empty jars are my favorite place to store tons of coins like these (silver/poor ones). It feels so good to throw away old nasty envelopes and boxes and other kinds of decrepit containers and to just slim down to a jar or two. Plus, it makes it much easier to store and transport! (Also – paper is usually bad for coins over time)

Here’s my stash of empty baby jars and pasta/jelly jars for such occasions… They fit nicely into old beer boxes too! (I wouldn’t recommend storing coins in beer bottles though ;))

empty jar containers 4 coins

And that was my random coin adventure for the weekend :)

Never know what you’re going to come across as a collector! And yet another reason to make sure that all your friends and family know that YOU’RE the guy/gal for the coin job. Stuff just appears out of the woodwork when they find out!


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