trade up game

Have you ever played the “trade up” game? Where you take one object and then keep trading it for better, more valuable, objects until you’re left with something much bigger and cooler? Like that guy who traded a paper clip all the way up to a house?

That’s what we’re gonna do here :) Only trade it for better, more valuable *COINS* instead. All the way up until we reach the pinnacle of all coins (at least for the average collector like you and me): The $20 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle!

You can learn about the start of our game here, but this will be the main page to watch as we update it with bigger and bigger trades as time goes on. With the current one up for trade always at the top, along with estimated value.

If you’re interested in playing along,
let us know what you have to trade and we might make you famous! :)

Here we go… You’ll find each coin and person that’s played along so far listed in order below, and then at the end we’ve listed the *current* item we’re looking for a new home for.

Maybe it belongs with you?

Trade #1: No Date Buffalo Nickel [50¢]

no date buffalo nickel

Coin #1 up for trade is a No-Date Buffalo Nickel, courtesy of my blogging friend Donna Freedman.Donna was raiding her daughter’s coin jar one day, and came across this nickel which she then mailed to me knowing I was a huge fan of old coins (awwwww). So I thought it would be fitting to use as our first coin in our trade up game here as it’s already been traded for *nothing*, haha… So thanks for the inspiration, Donna! And I’m glad you replaced this coin with another nickel so your daughter’s not out money ;)

Trade #2: 1945-S Mercury Dime [$3.00]

1945 mercury dime
Coin #2 up for trade is a 1945-S “Mercury” Dime, traded in by Matt R. for our no-date buffalo nickel pictured below. Matt was kind enough to make this game official now with its first trade under its belt, and we scored big with a coin now worth 600% of the original :) These liberty head dimes are made mainly of silver (90%), so not only are they beautiful looking, but they’re inherently worth at least a buck and a half or so depending on the value of silver for the day. And rarely are they found in circulation anymore, so it’s a fun coin!

Trade #3: 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda – 2015 [$25.00]

2015 silver panda coin - china

Coin #3 up for trade is a 2015 China 1 oz Silver Panda coin, traded in by Rich over at It had been a year since our last trade (yikes!) so we’re super thankful to Rich for breathing new life into this game :) Whether you like the coin or not, you’ll have to check out his blog on personal finance and snag some good tips of his. And if you ARE interested in picking up this trade, let me know and you just might be the next famous person here!

**Currently Up For Trade** a 2013 $50.00 Bill!

50 dollar bill

Item #4 up for trade: a 2013 $50.00 bill! Sent in from financial blogger, Erik, from, who not only doubled our value here from $25 t0 $50 (literally!), but also frees up the options here since hopefully most of you could use an extra $50 in your lives ;) It doesn’t hold any numismatic value, but it sure does financial value.

If you’d like to add it to your collection wallet, send us a note and tell us what you’d like to trade for it. Preferably something worth $100+.

Thanks for participating!