j money mustache ‘Staches, Coins, Cadillacs: All things I enjoy that my wife makes fun of me for. (Apparently you have to be “old” to appreciate the finer things in life?)

Well, this site is dedicated to all those who love discussing the coin/currency hobby, whether young or the opposite of. The only thing coins discriminate against is the size of our wallets! ;)

How I got started:

In the Summer of 2012, I came across a table set up at a flea market of someone peddling their wares. But these wares were different, and shinier, than the normal stuff you run into at these bargain fairs. They were old and used, yes, but to my delight they were round pieces of history spanning the last few centuries of this great country we live in. I took one look and the dollars just flew right out of my pocket!

I didn’t know it at the time, but that would mark the first day of my coin collecting adventure. And now here we are, years later, spending way too many hours looking at inanimate objects ;)

In the years since:

  • I’ve started going to coin shows
  • Learned how to correctly pronounce “numismatist” (a person who collects/studies coins)
  • Told all my friends and family about the joys of coin collecting (they don’t care)
  • Joined two local coin clubs (they DO care!)
  • Subscribed to all the coin magazines (Coins and Coin World being my faves)
  • Became a lifetime member of the American Numismatist Association
  • Collected or traded away hundreds of coins
  • Liquidated coin collections for friends and family
  • And, of course, started the best blog on coins ever ;)

Things you’ll find here:

  • Thoughts and pictures of coins (duh)
  • Thoughts and pictures of currency/paper money
  • How I store and track my coins
  • Awesome stuff I’ve found in circulation…
  • Awesome stuff I was given, traded, or sold
  • Highlights (and lowlights) of my personal collection
  • Highlights of other peoples’ collections
  • The history/news of coins and money I find to be fascinating
  • Stuff for sale or trade, if you’re so inclined to participate

If it relates to money, we’ll probably talk about it here.

Favorites I like to collect:

  • Obsolete notes/tokens/exonumia from my hometown
  • Old U.S. and foreign coins [1700s-1800s]
  • Odd U.S. denominations (2¢, 3¢, 20¢)
  • Old U.S. currency (I really want a $1,000 bill!)
  • Anything else that happens to catchy my eye

Other things to keep in mind:

  • I love making trades, so if anything catches your eye on this site (and I own it), feel free to make me an offer! Most things are on the table, especially for the right price ;)
  • I have a library of coin/currency references you can use. If you have a coin or question about something you’ve come across, shoot me a note and I’ll look it up for you!
  • Here’s my own personal want list!
  • And lastly, I now help people sell their unwanted coin collections they’ve recently inherited. From valuing all the coins and currency, to inventorying them in a detailed spreadsheet, to ultimately liquidating them all so you don’t ever have to lift a finger! For more info on this service, click here and will be happy to assist :)

I hope you enjoy the site! You can ping me here anytime, and I will typically respond back within 24 hours. XOXO,

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PS: To check out my other projects online, visit jmoney.biz