The “Z” Collection

z coin collection pile

As promised, here’s that collection I was working on!

I call it the “Z” Collection here, but in my documentation I actually have the client’s name swapped in the quotations which I like cuz it makes it feel more *personal*. And, of course, that’s how all the professionals in the space do it ;) You’ll always see the prominent collections labeled by their provenance which only adds to the coolness and history of each coin!

Nothing too rare or valuable in this lot (about $485 retail / $320 liquidated), but still never gets old looking at 100+ year old coins… Which you can see below, along with a couple of my favorites I’ve plucked out to highlight!


z coin collection

[The entire lot…]

[Close up of the silver dollars… That first one (1878) would have been great had it not been so worn! It’s the first year of production for Morgans and goes up into the hundreds if uncirculated.)

pennies close up

[Close up of the nickels and cents… Similar to that Morgan above, that last large cent here that’s cleaned up and ugly (such a sin!!) would have been worth $200+ if not tampered with!]

closeup foreign coins

[Close up of the wheaties and the four foreign coins… Always makes you wonder where they all came from, doesn’t it? Here you have 50+ US coins and then randomly a few foreign ones find themselves into the mix, haha… They were my favorite ones of the whole collection though, and the only ones I kept for myself :)]

1916 canada 10 cents toned

[That French 10 cent piece close up!! So beautiful, isn’t it?!! Also amazing how much *lighting* can play a part in photographing these… I mean, it IS toned and colorful like that, but compare it to the pic above and it looks drastically different!]

1876 canadian one cent

[Canadian one cent from 1876… That purple is stunning!]

double sided plastic coin holder

[And then lastly, I’d be remissed to not showcase another pic of that magnificant(ly ugly) coin holder, Hahaha… it really is quite the looker!]


My client originally wanted me to help evaluate them all (which I did), and then to liquidate them, but apparently his son got wind of this and was not too happy he wasn’t inheriting them so the plans changed fast 😂

I still printed him a copy of the spreadsheet I created detailing them all, but back the coins went, minus the two foreign ones above* and that epic coin holder which I took as “payment” for my services, lol…

You can see the full spreadsheet here if you want to download it and/or tweak and use with your own collecting:

It actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was just tasked with liquidating *another* collection and it’s quite a biggie!! 20+ folders filled up of Morgans, and Silver Eagles and nickels and pennies and foreign coins and all kinds of other goodies just waiting to be ogled, haha…

Excited to dig in and see what we can find :) And will of course then share pics here too! Thanks for reading! Hope your own collections are going well and that you don’t need someone like me to sell them off for you! (but if you do, you know where to find me)


j. money

*As beautiful as those coins are, they’re only worth about $1.00 and $6.00 respectfully…


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