The Ugliest/Prettiest Coin Holder You’ll Ever See?

double sided plastic coin holder

I’m looking over a collection for a friend, and saw this double sided coin holder in it!

It’s the ugliest – but also the prettiest! – coin holder I have yet to see! Lol…

Check it out:

coin holder perspective

[For perspective]

double sided coin holder side view

[Side view]

back of double sided coin holder

[The back?]

It looks like it should be able to be opened on *BOTH* ends, but sadly that is not the case. It only opens on one, however, if you pop that blue sponge out you can slip a coin in the other end and then pop the sponge back in and place your front coin in there next and voila – a double sided coin holder!

I burst out laughing when my friend said I can keep it, but now I think I’ll actually take him up on it… It’s abnormally large, but hey – it’s growing on me :) Never know what you’re going to find digging through peoples’ things! Haha…

I’ll blog next about the entire collection… He tapped me to evaluate it all, and then liquidate it – fun!

j. money

PS: I tried Google Lens to search for image matches online to see who makes these, but alas no luck… All I got back was a bunch of make up and colored sand that’s impressively identical 😂 My guess is that this holder dates back to the 60’s or 70’s – it’s super old school!

google lens attempt

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