Show & Tell: Chase’s Silver Collection

silver coin collection

Good morning, coin friends!

A reader of my personal newsletter shot me a pic of his collection and I thought you’d enjoy seeing it :) Asked him if he could share a little background on it, and his response is shared below the pic.

Check out that Covid-19 stamp on that 5 0z. silver bar! Can’t say I’ve seen that before!


chase's coin collection[click image to make bigger]


From Chase:

I’ve been into coins for as long as I can remember, at least at a surface level. Family would bring me back coins from the countries they visited when I was kid, and many of those coins now sit in my binder focusing on having a coin from every country.

I was always enamored by the idea that a coin passed person to person over the years and across the world until it reached me. It was only a couple years ago that I really focused on sorting through what I had, and when I realized some of the old coins I had contained silver, and therefore material value, I was hooked.

So, a full breakdown – I’ve got about 18 Troy Ounces of silver in the photo, and the individual items fall into one of two categories, the “personal collection”, and “Just stackin’ silver”.

Some of my favorites include the American Silver Eagle, each is 1 oz of fine silver, but in particular I have one for each birth year of my family. If you’re looking for coin/silver related gifts for someone, this is a GREAT way to gift one – It’s nice having a coin that’s just as old as you are!

I’ve got some other fun stuff in there, like the 5 oz hand poured Bison Bullion bar that is stamped “covid-19”, and the “Mandalorian” round is really beautiful in hand. Lets see… Also have my only graded piece, the 1889 Morgan Dollar (AU 58), and a 2 oz “Kraken” from the Royal Canadian mint.

The common thread in the box is that everything contains silver – I keep all non silver coins in flips in a binder, or in my state quarter/national parks books. My next challenge I want to take is coin roll hunting. I’ve still got some blank spots in my state quarter / national park books.



Thanks for sharing, Chase! Most of my collection includes some type of bullion as well. I like it as a nice hedge against my stock heavy investment portfolio, as well as if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse and we all go back to using silver or gold bits again :) I also love how much prettier they look when toned!

If anyone else wants to show off their collections, just snap a pic and email me some background at j @ coin thrill (dot) com! Happy collecting!

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