Saddle Ridge Gold Coin Hoard up For Sale @ Amazon!

saddle ridge amazon sale

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Saddle Ridge treasure accidentally dug up by that Cali couple walking their dog, now’s your chance :) They’re officially up for sale at, and they’re all a pretty penny! Errr… gold piece?

I did a search from the cheapest one, and looks like these golden bad boys start at  $3,150.00. For a 1879 Liberty Head, With Motto Above Eagle Type-III $20 PCGS XF40. Ouch. I mean, def. a fascinating coin in itself, even without the added fame of the find, but still – that’s a lot of money. And of course makes me want one even MORE now ;)

(I was actually pretty excited when I found out they would be sold on Amazon so I could use up some of my store credit ($300+), but looks like I’m an extra “0” shy of what’s needed – poop)

The funniest part about being on Amazon, though, is this:

saddle ridge coins amazon

$2.7 MILLION through Amazon! You don’t see that every day!

And, actually, I lied…

The FUNNIEST part here is the comments:

saddle ridge amazon comments

So. If you’ve got $2.7 Million laying around, you can seize this golden opportunity here! Quite literally!

In all honesty though, these are pretty damn good looking. Anyone would be fortunate to own a single coin here, hoard-related or not. And if you’re a gold coin collector the range of these $20 Liberty Heads offered are pretty incredible: XF40 to MS64+, with dates ranging from 1860-1899. All with mottoes above the eagle (“In God We Trust”).

Every purchase also apparently comes with the following:

  • A One Year Virtual Membership in the ANA Courtesy of Kagin’s
  • A Guide Book of United States Coins, Compliments of Whitman Publishing
  • A One Month Virtual Trial Subscription of Coin World, Compliments of Amos Press
  • A complimentary copy of Dr. Donald Kagin’s upcoming book, Profit From Gold and Rare Coins Now, with a special chapter on the Saddle Ridge Hoard

Kagin’s is the coin shop behind this sale, btw. They’re pretty legit.

Now if only that dog could have sniffed up some smaller coins for us peasants! ;)

PS: The dog actually played a minor role in this whole treasure find – you can read the whole fascinating story here (scroll down a bit)


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