Get a FREE yearly membership into the ANA! Also – Hello! :)

free membership coin week

Hey guys!

Just got news that the ANA is offering FREE one year memberships starting next week if you’ve ever wanted to try it out! :)

I became a Life Member about three years ago and absolutely love it!

More info on what it includes and how to join here:

Free One-year American Numismatic Association “Gold” membership

In other news – hello!! Been a while, eh?!

A bit crazier world since our last blog post here in 2018 ;) Hope you guys are all safe and healthy – and of course still collecting!

Been a bummer missing out on all the coin club meetings lately, but of course totally understandable in these pandemic days… In the meantime I’ve just been staring at coins online to hopefully hold one day, as well as liquidating some collections for friends and family members not interested in continuing the tradition anymore…

Always sad to see, but on the flip side it sure makes for a fun time going through them and seeing what people have collected over the decades! The last batch I went through had $20 St. Gaudens gold coins in them (my favorite!!), early 20th century silver and gold coins from European countries, over 100 Morgan and Peace dollars!, tons of pre-64 silver coins and wheat pennies, and then even some earlier U.S. large notes that I’d never seen up close before.

Here’s a portion of them I snapped before digging in:

coin collection inventory

I always keep a few for my “payment”, and then sell the rest on their behalf to friends and coin club members to help liquidate the collection. Takes me about 30-40 total hours by the time you inventory and grade everything, and then make the rounds to sell and collect the money, but always a fun exercise to do, and after a week off I’m always ready to get back at it again :)

Here’s a guide I wrote up for people who don’t know what to do with their unwanted collections over on my personal finance site, if anyone finds it helpful:

How to Sell Your Inherited Coin Collection

Hopefully you never need to do this yourself, but if you do – or have friends who do! – feel free to pass them along this link! And of course you can always reach out to me anytime too. I may be quiet on this blog from time to time, but I’m always online as it’s my career and happy to help any time :) Especially if we’re talking coins!

At any rate, sorry for my long disappearance, but hopefully everyone’s well and let’s continue to stay connected! Let me know what’s been going on in your collecting world lately! No one in my household likes talking about this stuff, and unfortunately we’re all stuck here together ;)

Happy collecting!

– J. Money


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