Latest Trade: 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime!

1834 bust half dime obverse

(Be honest – you’re reading this cuz I said “bust” aren’t you? ;))

I picked up a beauty this week, friends! An 1834 “bust” half dime. Because America was too cool for nickels back in the day, haha… And they apparently liked their coins small!

These things have to be some of the tiniest coins the US ever made, which made my pictures here come out a little fuzzy – sorry about that. You can’t really tell, but it’s resting on a drink coaster with little square tiles which I had to zoom right in. Though it doesn’t beat our 1836 1 & 1/2 pence piece from Great Britain last year! That guy was tinyyyyy…

Anyways, here’s what the reverse looks like:

1834 bust half dime reverse

I picked it up off a friend in a total deal valuing around $185. He got 18 coins + an old $2 bill, and I got the one :) But it made for a great win for the two of us: He now has 19 items to sell in his little shop, and I have one more 19th century coin that I was missing for my collection. And better yet – I got “rid of” more stuff from my Trading Binder that I no longer need to find a home for. So it was a win for minimalism too!

Here’s everything I traded:

half dime coin trade

  • 1929-D $2.00 Bill “Short Snorter” (signed by people at war)
  • 1825 Classic Head Half Cent – AG
  • 1879 Morgan Dollar – EF
  • 1986 American Eagle (silver oz)
  • 1865 3-Cent Piece
  • 1962-D Roosevelt dime – toned
  • 1954 Roosevelt dime – AU
  • 1964 Roosevelt dime – MS
  • 1941 Mercury dime – VF
  • 1941 Mercury dime – VF
  • 1962 Silver quarter – EF – toned
  • 1964 Silver quarter – MS63
  • 1964 Silver quarter – MS63
  • 1964 Silver quarter – MS63
  • 1964 Silver quarter – EF (“jukebox” quarter – painted to distinguish between customer’s money and owner’s money they’d drop into the jukebox to get the music going)
  • 1936 Canadian quarter – XF-40
  • 1943 Canadian quarter – AU
  • 1959 Canadian dime – F
  • Metro coin – Philadelphia

After the deal was done, my friend was quick to point out that he only paid $20 for the coin to rub in what a great deal he got (he works for a dealer). But I wasn’t too phased – I quickly shot back that I got most of mine for free ;) A perk of helping people liquidate their collections. You get to keep some of them for yourself!

Speaking of which, my dad’s old mini collection of Morgan Dollars? I ended up selling them to a Morgan Lover/Collector for $500. And then the silver Eagles for $20 a piece to people in my coin club. They’re one of the best places to sell and trade coins!

Anyone else pick up any cool ones lately?


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