The “Trade Up” Game Continues! Who Wants a $50.00 Bill?

trade up game

Exciting news today, guys! Our Trade Up Game continues!!!

Almost exactly four years ago we set out on a mission of trying to turn $0.00 into a $20 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coin (pictured above – one of the most beautiful, and sought after, coins in our hobby!), and I’m proud to say we’ve now made it up to $50.00 so far in trades :)

Sure it’s taken us almost half a decade to get to this point, but hey – nothing good comes quickly, right? And now with this puppy in our hands I’m hopeful we can fast track the game even further…

But first, a recap of all the trades that have brought us to this point!

Trade #1: Buffalo Nickel [est. value: $0.50]

no date buffalo nickel

Since we were starting with nothing, we of course had to get our first coin donated to us, which thankfully didn’t take long as my dear friend and fellow $$$ blogger, Donna Freedman, stepped up to the plate to send us this worn out no date Buffalo Nickel she had found in a jar of coins. It was a fun way to get the party started, and we thank her immensely for it! (Thx Donna!!)

You can read the full story on this coin and the start of our game here: The “Trade Up” Game

Trade #2: 1945-S Mercury Dime [est. value: $3.00]

1945 mercury dime
A year or so later, a new person jumped into the fun (Matt R.) and traded us this 1945-S “Mercury” Dime, in exchange for our humble little Buffalo Nickel… This essentially bumped our trade value up by 600% (hah!), and gave us another classic coin to work towards trading away which landed us the Panda coin pictured below.

You can learn more about this coin and its trade, here: Trade Up Game #2: 1945 Mercury Dime!

Trade #3: 2015 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda [est. value: $25.00]

2015 silver panda coin - china

Lastly, and so far the hardest coin to have traded away for some reason?, was this 2015 Chinese 1 oz Silver Panda, graciously donated from Rich who used to blog over at (since shut down). This multiplied our trade value even MORE, but would sadly sit quietly alone for a solid 3 years until now when a new blogger sprang into action to jump start things.

For more information on this coin and its place in our historic game, visit this post: The Trade Up Game Continues!

#4 Up for trade: a 2013 $50.00 Bill!

50 dollar bill

And this brings us to today’s recent trade!! A crisp $50.00 bill from fellow blogger Erik at, who not only doubled our value from $25 t0 $50 (quite literally!), but also gave us the best shot at boosting this random little mission here. I don’t know ANYONE who wouldn’t want t0 add $50.00 to their money collection, do you?? ;)

PANDAmonium indeed!

trade up game - 50 dollar bill

So not an item of numismatist value here, but certainly one of financial value… And hopefully it’ll net us at least $100 worth of coinage to keep our game rolling!!

If you’re a fan of this game, please take a look over your own collection and see if there’s anything you’d love to exchange for this $50.00 beauty!

You’ll not only become my new favorite person of the week (sorry Erik!), but we’ll also feature your name/blog/website/company/coin collection here to boot. Unless you prefer being anonymous, in which case – no problem! Not like this is going to go viral anytime soon…. yet ;)

Happy collecting!

PS: You can find the ongoing list of trades at any time here:


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