A Button Pretending to Be a Coin, and a Coin Pretending to Be a Pin!

indian head coin button

Came across two items lately I couldn’t help but find interesting :)

  1. A button from a button jar I picked up at a yard sale over the weekend (great way to keep kids entertained for hours!)
  2. And a “love token” coin that was turned into a pin that I picked up at a friend’s antique store (and probably overpaid for)

Didn’t put two and two together until I accidentally sat them side by side, and then it occurred to me just how ironic it was, haha…

Here’s the button trying to look like a coin:

indian head button coin

(I’m thinking it was mimicking one of the gold Indian Head pieces from back in the day?)

indian head button vs coin

And then here’s a picture of the coin trying to be a Pin:

love token coin pin - M.M.P.

You’ll notice that it’s actually made from a Seated Liberty Half Dime (so beautiful and small!), in which they had a pin soldered onto it’s obverse (front side), thereby allowing a loved one to wear it in their honor :) (Hence the name “Love Token” – where artists would engrave one side of coins back in the day to give to people to remember them by, although usually not as pins)

Here’s what the reverse would have looked like before the engraver got to it:

half dime reverse coin

And yes – they used to be called Half Dimes back in the day before “Nickels”, isn’t that cool??

Here’s another Love Token/Pin I picked up a few weeks back as well – this time on a full dime:

love token coin pin - C.E.C.

So there you have it – coins pretending to be pins, and buttons pretending to be coins :) Never know what you’re gonna find in this hobby, haha…

If anyone has the initials M.M.P. or C.E.C. – I’ll gladly sell it to you for the $20 I paid for ’em! Maybe you can bring back the tradition?? :)

PS: If you like this stuff, check out this page over at the Love Token Society –> Pins/Brooches


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