The Never-Ending Coin Club! [UPDATE: Now Closed]

never ending coin club

Hey coin friends! Happy New Year!!

It’s been a while since my last post here, but I’m back in action after rearranging my life/career more, and I’m happy to say that coin collecting/talking has made the cut ;) Although of course once a coin collector, always a coin collector! (Heyo!)

So we’re back at it again, and today I actually have a really cool *product* to share with you from a guy who stole my genius idea and is being pretty successful ;) Know what he’s just launched??


[Update: This is now closed]

Where every month he’ll send you a brand new box of coins right to your doorstep depending on what you collect! Brilliant! And of course, he didn’t really steal it from me as I’m sure all of us at some point has had this idea (or at least *wished* for it) but he IS the only one I know of who’s gone after it, and so I proudly support him and do my part to help spread the word here.

You can learn more about this club over at his website: (notice the “.club” extension, which isn’t a “.com” but still works the same), and here are the different packages he’s currently offering:

[Updated with new prices/packages as of 4/23/18]

  • *NEW* “Beginner” Membership @ $10/mo — These monthly boxes include at least 1 slabbed coin (not graded), 1 dime pre-1965, and a minimum of 1 gram of silver. Various additional items could include a silver certificate note, old stamp, silver quarter, Indian head penny, buffalo nickle, or other coins.
  • “Basic” Membership @ $21/mo — These monthly boxes includes no less than 1 slabbed coin (not graded), 1 graded coin (PCGS,NGC, ANACS, or ICG), and a minimum of at least 1 gram of silver. As well as various other items that could be thrown in like a silver certificate, old stamp, silver quarter, etc.
  • “Silver” Membership @ $35/mo — These monthly boxes will include a 1/2 oz silver coin or bullion, a silver quarter or dime, 1 PCGS, NGC, ANACS, or ICG graded coin, and then at least 2 other slabbed coins (not graded). Each box will also contain additional items that change monthly such as old stamps, silver bars of various sizes, walking liberty half dollars, etc.
  • *NEW* “Junk  Silver” Membership @ $69/mo — These monthly boxes will include a total of $4.00 face value of 90% “junk” silver. This includes a minimum of 1 90% silver dollar in EVERY box with various dates, as well as another $3 face value made up of 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars.
  • “Gold” Membership @ $75/mo — These monthly boxes will include at least 1/2 grams of .999 pure gold, 1 troy oz silver coin or bar, 1 PCGS, NGC, ANACS, or ICG graded coin, 2 other slabbed coins (not graded), and then 2 additional silver coins (quarters and/or dimes). Other items that may be thrown in are old stamps, additional gold or silver, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Morgan Silver Dollars, and more.

And then there are three other – more hardcore – subscriptions for those who really want to beef up their collections/investments ;)

  • *NEW* “Pure Silver Bullion” Membership @ $115/mo — Where you will receive no less than 5 oz of silver – coming in a variety of shapes and sizes from hand pours to coins to bullets. (This box is bullion only)
  • The “Investor” Membership @ $180/mo — Where you will receive the Basic Membership Box, PLUS: an additional 3 to 5 troy ounces of pure silver (either bars or coins), as well as 1 gram of pure gold! (Also in the form of either bars or coins)
  • *NEW* “Gold Bullion” Membership @ $184/mo — Where you will receive a minimum of 1/10 oz of pure gold each month! The gold will come in various forms from bars to coins, as well as various sizes totaling no less than 1/10 oz. (This box is bullion only)

I was only dreaming up *one* main monthly box in my idea, but hey – why not cater to all different kinds of collectors out there? We all don’t collect the same things?

***More info again on these subscriptions can be found here: (Enter promo code “JMONEY” for 5% off your subscriptions forever if you end up signing up to any!)***

Preview of The “Silver” Membership Box

never ending coin club boxes

Alright, so once I heard about this I of course had to test out these boxes, and Chris – the founder – was kind enough to send me over a couple gratis in exchange for some honest opinions. Which I happily gave, and then told him I’d do him one better and share my experiences and pics to everyone on my fledgling blog here ;)

So that’s what we’re gonna do today! And we’ll start with the “Silver” box, just because that’s the more exciting of the two…

Here are pics from the actual box I got!

never ending coin box inside

silver membership box - all coins

silver membership box coins

And then here’s the listing of everything, which as you can see is quite the assortment (and well over the value of the $29.95 price point too):

  • 2015 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Britannia 2 Pounds (raw – Royal Mint)
  • 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (raw – 90% silver)
  • 1943 Washington Quarter (raw – 90% silver)
  • 2014-P Kennedy Half Dollar (PCGS graded: SP66 UNC Set – 50th Anniversary)
  • 1989-S Washington Quarter – (INB graded: DCAM GEM PROOF)
  • 1905 Indian Head Cent (INB case – not graded)
  • 5 Cent Lincoln (used) stamp (early 1900’s?)
  • Lots of paper confetti :)

And then ‘cuz I hear it’s all the rage lately, I even filmed a 3 min “unboxing” video that captures my thoughts/impressions in real – unedited – time too with this box, haha… Though no promises on the quality. (Or that I’m alone in the video!)

So yeah – cool! And most definitely worth the money if you have the budget for it and/or enjoy surprises :)

Preview of The “Basic” Membership Box

Alright, now to the Basic membership box… Here are pics, details, and another unboxing video (you’re welcome):

basic membership box all coins

basic membership box coins

This box included the following (and keep in mind they always change every month!):

  • 2002-S Nickel (PCGS graded: PR69DCAM)
  • 1981-S Roosevelt Dime (INB graded: DCAM GEM PROOF)
  • 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (raw – 90% silver)
  • 1960-D Washington Quarter (raw – 90% silver)
  • 1/10 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver round – “Monarch Precious Metals”
  • 1 Cent George Washington (used) stamp (early 1900’s?)
  • A cool box to store coins in :)

And here is my “unboxing” video for this bad boy:

(If only he sent me the “Gold and Silver Bullion Membership” box to review and keep!! :))

My overall thoughts on this club…

My overall thoughts on this club is that it’s a fun – and relatively cheap – way to add to your collection (depending on *which* membership you sign up to, of course).  I also found it SUPER exciting to not now exactly what I was getting, while at the same time knowing that I was at least going to get my value back if not more (and was quite surprised with *how much more* I got in return… As a business man, I’m definitely wondering about his profit margins?? Haha…)

I also like the option of being able to buy certain boxes as a *one-time* purchase for testing and/or giving away as gifts too. Currently the only boxes you can buy are the “Basic”, “Silver”, and “Gold” ones like this, but you do pay a few extra dollars vs going the subscription route.

** Also to note – the price points are subject to change based on fluctuations with silver/gold, but I’m told that once someone subscribes their price, it’s locked in regardless of how high gold and silver goes. So that can be an interesting way to hedge against pricing?! **

Will these boxes get old over time? Perhaps. But if he continues to do a great job spicing it up and throwing in fun “extras,” I can see it being pretty hard to cancel. Our group isn’t the best with holding back our wallets in this hobby, haha…

I would also love to see a “19th century” box or even a “Morgan Dollar,” “Ancient coins,” or “Modern coins” package too for those who collect certain types, but I’m sure Chris will adapt as time goes on and the market requests such things.

Either way, I support his entrepreneurial spirit and wish him the best! If anyone ends up trying these out, do let me know! And don’t forget to use the promo code “JMONEY” to get 5% off all your orders forever too. More info again here:

Till next time,

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UPDATE: This club is now closed

DISCLAIMER: As noted above, I received these boxes for free from Chris for the review. I’ll also receive a matching 5% referral as well if anyone signs up, but of course only do so if it’s something you really like! And have the budget for! ;)


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