My Favorite Type of Letter :)

south american coins note

As my safe digging continues, I’m finding all kinds of lost relics just waiting to be appreciated again :)

This time, a note from fellow blogger who graciously mailed me this last year and to whom I, too, need to send apologies to for an even longer delay! Sorry about that bud!

To help make up for this, however, please – everyone reading this right now – click on over to his site and blow up his stats! Haha… And then while you’re there, learn about all the ways he plans on retiring (early) by the ripe ol’ age of 40 – woo!

Back to the important stuff though – here’s what was attached to this lovely letter:

  • 2011 $10 coin from Republica Oriental Del Uruguay
  • 2010 1 Peso from Republica Argentina¬† (Bicentenario coin)
  • 2007 Un Nuevo Sol from (Banco Central De Reserva Del) Peru

So basically, a coin from Uruguay, Argentina, and Peru :)

And here’s what they look like in close-up…

That panther one is killer!

south american coins

I’m considering starting up a binder to house 1 coin from every country in the world, which I know people have done over the years decades, but not sure if I really need another goal to shoot for right now… Any of you currently trying this by chance?

Here’s a cool article on it for anyone interested:

Apparently it’s called OFEC collecting (One From Every Country), and these guys list the countries and flags that you can download and print off to be used in conjunction with 2×2 holders… Pretty cool idea (and makes it super easy to get started!)

Back soon with other packages found in my cluttered safe…

There could be worse things to find in there, right? :)

– J. Money

PS: If you missed package #1 and the reasoning I’m all revved up over here, you can check out the last article we did that explains it all a bit more: Package #1: Old bag of coins


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