Old U.S. Mint Bag… With Blood?

us mint bag printed words

Found this old U.S. Mint bag while cleaning up my office yesterday :) Forgot I picked it up at a yard sale years ago! I think it was used to transport coins from and to the bank. Like what those armored trucks carry back and forth you see on the streets? (I could be way off here, but that sounds about right).

I like how it has RETURN TO U.S. MINT across it in bold too, haha… Woops! But the most interesting part is that, despite it not being at the Mint right now, there are various stains you can see throughout it. We’ve got some dirt, some mud, some water stains, and… wait a sec… what are those little red spots? Could that be BLOOD? Was it in involved in some sort of stick-up??

If only this bag could talk :) They say coins and money carry a bunch of nasty stuff over time (so you should always wash your hands after touching them!), but I guess we’ll never really know unless one of y’all are a DNA Analyst… Are any of you?

Here are pics of the front and back so you can check it out for yourself:

U.S. Mint Coin Bag: $50 of Cents

us mint bag cents

Back of U.S. Mint Coin Bag

us min coin bag cent back

Don’t think it’s worth much (a quick scan of eBay has them for a few bucks a piece), and not sure if some are more valuable than others depending on the bank it was used for, or age, condition, etc etc, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. It’s not every day you come across an item that was once a part of a stick-up! ;)

Anyone else come across anything interesting lately?

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