Found a $20 Bill on the ground!

$20 bill jackson

That was the good news….

The bad news? I also found a kid only a handful of steps away from it :( Though you never can tell when you ask someone “Is this your money?” The answer will almost certainly be a YES ;)

I did check it out before passing it back though, just to make sure it wasn’t a special one or anything. Could have made for some good karma, right? I don’t think I would have felt bad pulling a switcharoo on him if it were a star note or cool serial number… Would you have?

It reminds me of when I once found a bag of cash & coins in an empty parking lot… I was the only soul around, and I could have sworn someone was pranking me, or worse – going to come after me with a shotgun! But alas it was all in my head, and I walked away with a nice chunk of change. Quite literally actually. There was about $80 in there if I’m not mistaken. However this was long before I collected coins so unfortunately I couldn’t tell you if anything interesting was in it. The bag itself was its own reward really!

What was the last thing you guys have found on the ground?

PS: The $20 bill pictured above is not the one I found… I didn’t have that much time!


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