A Barber Dime in the Drive-Thru!

1907 barber dime

Look what my friend Greg found!! Saw him mention it in his blog’s newsletter the other day and asked if he’d elaborate on it for us…

Here’s how he came to be its new owner :)


Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and just a few days ago, the stars aligned…

For years my grandfather and uncle (both coin enthusiasts) taught me to always “check my change.” And for years, I never really found much; a couple of Wheat Pennies and the occasional pre-1964 Standard Dime.

But surely it must have been a perfect combination of a naïve millennial McDonalds employee, and a generous citizen paying it forward, when I received a 1907 Barber Dime as change from the drive-thru.

I swallowed my ice cream cone whole as I proceeded to check the internet if it was worth anything.

I saw similar Dimes going for $400-500 that had the letter “P” for Philadelphia Mint stamped on them. No matter how hard I looked at my new treasure the letter “P” never showed up. DANG!

Oh well. At the end of the day, I valued it at $8-10 dollars. I’m not a numismatist but that was my best guess.

Maybe it wasn’t a complete score, but it was sure pretty cool!


I’d say so!  The only coins I’ve ever come across in change worth more than face value are early 1960s silver dimes… I’d lose my $hit coming across a barber! Haha…

Here’s both sides of the coin he sent over:

1907 barber dime - front & back

Thanks for sharing your story and letting me post it up here, man!

Anyone interested in personal finance and other related matters, check out Greg’s blog over at CureRabbitEars.com. It’s pretty good.


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