Prop Money Is Flooding Our Town!

fake prop money 100 bill

Good morning!

It’s been a couple of years since our last post here, but I couldn’t help myself to log back in and share this current trend going down in our community…

Fake $100 bills are showing up at locations and no one knows where they’re coming from!

I first saw a copy at our local coin club when a member picked them up at a local antiques shop, and as he passed it around half of us (including myself) couldn’t tell what was wrong with them at first glance. It wasn’t until we got some hints that the markings become glaringly obvious, which is no wonder people are getting scammed all around town!

They look strikingly similar, and unless you’re specifically investigating its authenticity or paying close attention to how it feels (it def. feels like paper and not currency) would you catch that it’s actually “prop money.” I.E. money made for movies or TV shows/etc which of course need to LOOK real, but aren’t.

I don’t know what movies are being filmed here, or if some grifter just decided to stroll in and test his luck, but unfortunately it’s working and has already duped a number of businesses.

See if you can spot the red flags in the pic above, and then scroll back down here and see if you caught them all.










motion picture prop money





$100 bill fake copy



fake $100 bill back


[This side was done so well that Photoshop wouldn’t let me open this image!  Had to spend 15 minutes finding workarounds to be able to finally upload it here…]


I finally got my hands on one myself this week and couldn’t believe it… It was passed over to me as a gift, and I’m 99% sure the giver assumed it was real. Little did she know I actually *wanted* a fake for my collection!! Lol…

We’ll see if someone finally gets caught from this, but in the meantime – keep those eyes open! Especially if you run a business!


j. money


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