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Show & Tell: Spanish Shipwreck Coin from 1755

Good morning! An old friend recently shared this with me and thought it was too cool not to forward along :) One of the first coins I ever picked up myself was from an old shipwreck and they’re excellent gateways into collecting! I don’t think my friend here ... [Full Post]

Show & Tell: Chase’s Silver Collection

Good morning, coin friends! A reader of my personal newsletter shot me a pic of his collection and I thought you’d enjoy seeing it :) Asked him if he could share a little background on it, and his response is shared below the pic. Check out that Covid-19 ... [Full Post]

What’s This Coin Worth?

“What’s this coin worth?” The most popular question in collecting :) And one which I’m asked almost weekly by friends, family and countrymen! Rather than continuing to keep the juicy answers buried in emails and chat exchanges though, I thought we’d create a new series here where we ... [Full Post]

A Coin Collection Story

Hey guys! Got a fun little story emailed to me recently and made me think of y’all :) I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, but let’s see if we can re-start this blog again and continue the thrill of collecting! I’ve still been at it behind ... [Full Post]

The Best Stapler for Coin Collecting!

If anyone is looking for a better stapler for their 2×2 coin flips, might I suggest this one by MAX USA Corp.? Max Flat-Clinch Stapler (Full Size) I got the gray model pictured above (HD-50DF), but it also comes in black too (HD-50DFBK) and I cannot tell you ... [Full Post]

Half a Penny For Your Thoughts?

Got this coin for Xmas and keep meaning to share it with you: A half a penny – hah! Crudely cut, and at least 160 years old as you can barely make out the “18” from”1800″ in the year mark before it got chopped off, haha… (These Braided ... [Full Post]

Miss Stamped Penny On One Side?

Hey y’all! it’s been a while, eh? Still collecting over there? Get anything new or juicy lately? While I’ve been quite on the blog front here, I’ve definitely been anything but in the background. I recently started helping people liquidate their unwanted collections again (Best. Job. Ever.), and ... [Full Post]

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