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Trade Up Game #2: 1945 Mercury Dime!

Look what I just received in the mail! A 1945-S silver Mercury Dime! Sent in by one Matt R. as part of our trade up game :) Which means that: the game is working so far (thanks Matt!) this sexy dime is now up for grabs! Anyone want ... [Full Post]

The World’s Smallest Coin?

Say hello to my new little friend! A 1 and 1/2 Pence piece from Great Britain, circa 1836! And, quite frankly, the tiniest coin I’ve ever seen before… Look how cute she is! (Yes, she’s a “she” :)) I picked it up for $27 worth of trade (it’s ... [Full Post]

Victory Penny

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!! I thought it would be fitting to share with you today my 1945 encased penny I received from my coin friend/mentor last week :) As we were leaving our coffee meetup as we do every month, he reached into his pocket and said, “Here ... [Full Post]

The “Trade Up” Game

You might have noticed I’ve been missing in action for a bit on this blog. But as fellow reader Matt pointed out in the comments a mere 7 hours ago, I have an excuse: No post for a month? I know you just had baby money numero dos, ... [Full Post]

Old U.S. Mint Bag… With Blood?

Found this old U.S. Mint bag while cleaning up my office yesterday :) Forgot I picked it up at a yard sale years ago! I think it was used to transport coins from and to the bank. Like what those armored trucks carry back and forth you see ... [Full Post]

9 Questions with… Brent

Welcome to another exciting round of “9 Questions!” Today we chat with Brent from, where we learn all about his interest in coin collecting ;) Enjoy! 1. What’s your favorite coin in your collection? My favorite coin is an 1853 Liberty Gold Dollar.  This coin is actually ... [Full Post]

Shark Coin Giveaway Winner!

It’s time to give away our 1/2 oz silver Great White Shark coin from the Perth Mint! Will you be its new lucky owner? *Drum roll please*… The winner of our shark coin giveaway, courtesy of, is… May! Congrats May! We’ll get it out to you soon ... [Full Post]

Susan B. Awesome

Picked up a few interesting pieces this weekend while out yard saling! One of which threw me for a loop – that beautiful Susan. B. Anthony dollar pictured above. As I do at all yard sales, especially ‘estate sales’, one of the first places I check out are ... [Full Post]

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