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Half a Penny For Your Thoughts?

Got this coin for Xmas and keep meaning to share it with you: A half a penny – hah! Crudely cut, and at least 160 years old as you can barely make out the “18” from”1800″ in the year mark before it got chopped off, haha… (These Braided ... [Full Post]

Miss Stamped Penny On One Side?

Hey y’all! it’s been a while, eh? Still collecting over there? Get anything new or juicy lately? While I’ve been quite on the blog front here, I’ve definitely been anything but in the background. I recently started helping people liquidate their unwanted collections again (Best. Job. Ever.), and ... [Full Post]

5 Ideas For Your Old Red Books!

In a fit of decluttering recently, I came across 6 old red books of mine which I’ve religiously kept since the dawn of my collecting (i.e. Summer of 2012). I initially thought they’d never be pried away from my hands as I tend to obsess about stuff I ... [Full Post]

The Contents of Kyle’s Shoebox!

Three years ago a blogger friend of mine left a comment on this blog teasing about an old box of coins he had inherited: I didn’t think much of it at the time, however, over the years it started garnering more comments about it than any actual blog ... [Full Post]

Some Good Luck & Alcohol Tokens

What up what up! Came back from our coin club last night with a handful of new tokens I accidentally picked up :) So hard to deny though when there’s pictures of BEER and SKULLS on them!! When do you ever find those on coins??? Here’s some pics ... [Full Post]

Interesting Articles I Enjoyed This Week

I’m going to start saving all the articles I come across and like in the coin/currency world to start sharing them all with y’ all. There’s some fascinating stuff out there! Here are the ones I enjoyed from this week: Is This The Very First U.S. Coin? @ ... [Full Post]

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