Two Rare (Gold) Coins To Drool Over…

rare gold coins

Okay, so if you thought that 1955 Doubled Die Penny from last month was rare, check out these bad boys! Going for $299,000 and $95,000, respectfully!

(It’s always fun to dream, right?)

1966 limited edition (and signed!) Salvador Dali gold medal set

1966 salvador dali medals

1966 salvador dali medals back

Two extremely rare 22 Karat gold coins weighing about 17 oz each and displaying Salvador Dali’s work on each: Unicorn and Dionysos Et Pallas Athena.

These apparently were featured in that reality show “Beverly Pawn”, and there were only 25 of them made in the world. Each one individually signed by Dali himself!

(To put the gold amounts in perspective, btw, one oz is currently going for $1,270 at the time of this publishing. And there’s a total of 34 of them in this set! Crazy! (And big!) Though of course they come with quite the premium due to the nature of them ;))

More info here if you’re interested in learning more via eBay, currently going for $299,000: 2 Very Rare Gold Coins/Medals Signed Salvador Dali As seen on Beverly Hills Pawn

340BC BOSPORUS, PANTIKAPAION ancient gold Green coin:

bosporus 340bc gold greek coin

This guy’s a lot smaller, but still packs a golden punch. It features the head of Pan on the left w/ an ivy wreath, and a griffin on the reverse holding a spear in its mouth with Π-A-N lettering.

Pretty interesting backstory on it actually (taken from eBay):

“Pantikapaion was founded by Greek colonists from Miletos in the late seventh century BC. Situated on the west side of the Cimmerian Bosporos, in what is now called the Crimea, it achieved great prosperity through its exploitation of the abundant fisheries of the straits and the export of wheat from the Crimea.

This wealth is attested by its splendid gold coinage, which commenced in the mid-4th century BC, and by the magnificently furnished rock tombs of its principal citizens in the same period. Later, it was to become a regional capital of the kingdom of Mithradates VI of Pontos (120-63 BC) and later still the seat of the kings of Bosporos (first century BC – fourth century AD).

The coinage of  Pantikapaion seems to have commenced with silver issues in the latter part of the fifth century BC, but it is for its beautiful gold staters that the mint is chiefly noted. They depict the head of the god Pan (a pun on the name of the  city) and on the reverse the griffin that Herodotos describes as being the guardian of the remote sources of gold.”

More info, and “buy it now” button for $95,000, here: PANTIKAPAION in BOSPORUS 340BC NGC Certified AU Ancient GOLD Greek Coin RARE!!!!

Look through your dusty attics now and see if you can find any of these!!! :)

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PPS: If you liked today’s post, maybe I’ll feature a new coin or two each month off eBay to give us a chance to learn about different interesting coins out there? Versus sticking to what we normally look at? Could be something fun…

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