“I found 48 silver half dollars in rolls!”

kennedy half dollars blue book

Got an email I thought y’all would enjoy :) Sorry for being M.I.A. lately!


Hey Jay,

I want to start out by saying how much I love your enthusiasm, as well as your passion for coins, and your willingness to share your knowledge with others.

I started collecting about 6 years ago, as a result of purchasing a Bounty Hunter metal detector. I fell head over heels for the thought of finding “buried treasure” Old coins and silver. I can’t really say I focused on one type of coin more then the other but I like studying the numismatic values pennies and dimes.

Anyway enough about me, the real reason I am writing this is to thank you for implanting the .50¢ piece roll search in my head.

After reading your post about going to banks, I thought I would give it a whirl. Living in very rural part of west central Minnesota I am surrounded by a large number of small towns (1000 people or less). So I decided to draw a map that would allow me to take a road tour in search of half dollars.

I know this is very rare, but after checking at least 25 banks with very little success in even finding loose half dollars, I came across a small town bank that had over $600.00 in rolls. So after making 3 trips to that bank I had went through all the rolls they had. Here’s what I found!

A total of 48 silver half dollars: 47 of them were 40%, 1 was 90% (1964). All from one bank.

found silver kennedy half dollars

I also found one gold colored one. That was odd when I opened that roll, it’s a 2007P and I hadn’t hit any thing newer than 2001 until that.

gold kennedy half dollar

I am now truly hooked for life on searching bank rolled or loose half dollars. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time of coins for everyone’s benefit!

— Brett

PS: I brought the ladies at the bank where I scored my cheap silver 3 bags of chocolate, don’t think it hurt any!! I’ve also found 2 silver halves asking every time I pay for something at a gas station, Walmart, fast food joint, or high school sporting eventswhich I like to buy all the change from if I can. Kids like to get into dads’ coin collections and spend those weird looking coins on nummy candy bars and a bottle of pop. I know, because unfortunately I was once one of those kids! Who got lucky that it was a small town and the cashier was honest and sold them back to my dad for face value. I didn’t think there was anything strange about buying baseball cards with 100 year old silver Morgans?


Have any coin finds of your own?
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