Coins to Help Fund a Movie?

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I got an interesting email this afternoon I thought I’d share with you guys. Figured much more succinct and interesting to see in this form than doing an interview with them ;) You can click the link at the bottom to learn more if you’d like.

SUBJECT LINE: An interview for your blog?

Good morning J :)

Before I get into things I’ve got to say yes, yes, yes about Plato’s closet. I’m in Jersey so they’re not hard to find. Last winter I found a pair of boots for $12! I’m store crushing hard & feeling presidential with $20 lol. (<– this is in response to my article on how to get a cheap, kick-ass, new wardrobe over on my other site, Budgets Are Sexy)

I’d like to know if it’s possible to have an interview with you regarding my movie’s Kickstarter campaign for your Coin Thrill blog? I ask because the project features both Silver Proof & Gold proof commemorative coins to celebrate the production, ranging from .999 Silver & .9999 24K Gold. The movie is a classic styled suspense (like Hitchcock films) and has an award winning crew attached strictly from reading the script!

I think your folks would get a kick out of these coins because:

  • They’re being designed by 1 of the 19 coin designers from the U.S. Mint, Barbara Fox!
  • Extreme limited mintage for supporters of the campaign only.
  • Coins will be struck and presented with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Plus all supporters help with casting actors, voting on costume designs, and movie poster art.

The purpose of our Kickstarter is to reach the movie’s budget. These coins are respectfully special as they help to make the movie possible. Should the movie reach the accolades we predict, the coins will increase with significant value. I find this would be awesome for your Budgets are Sexy blog too because Kickstarter is an excellent way to get your ideas off the ground independently – I think it’s something they’d be interested in learning more about.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them for you. The Kickstarter project is live with 23 days left. Check it out for yourself here:

Looking to hear from you soon :) Thank you kindly for reading this novel that I tried so hard to shorten.

Enjoli Corréa

Director of ‘The Man of the Orchestra’


What do you think? Interesting, right? You don’t hear about using coins to fund movies very often do you? :) Here’s a quick clip of what the movie’s about:

The moral of the movie is to express the human nature of greed and how it can change you. It was titled ‘The Man of The Orchestra’ to symbolize the villain and his ability to manipulate the other leading characters. Because he knows what they long for, he uses their desires against them as they bring each other down striving for things they feel they individually “need”. They are his instruments. Each character was written to reflect different acts of greed from revenge, to lust & obsession, the desire to break free, the need for material gain. WWII is being used as the grand symbol because of its global impact.

Good luck Enjoli!

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