Half a Penny For Your Thoughts?

half a penny

Got this coin for Xmas and keep meaning to share it with you: A half a penny – hah!

Crudely cut, and at least 160 years old as you can barely make out the “18” from”1800″ in the year mark before it got chopped off, haha… (These Braided Hair Large Cents were only made from 1839-1857 :))

Here’s a closer shot at the chopped area:

half a penny

Always makes you wonder why such things were done, doesn’t it? Was someone really trying to make change back then, or just goofing around? They did chop up old Spanish Pieces of 8 (aka “reales”) back in the colonial days for trade, but did it carry on to pennies later?

Either way, one of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten in recent years, and a proud new addition to my collection :) Even better – it was found in my hometown in an old run down house!!! So cool!

Anyone else have pieces of coins in their collection?


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