Show & Tell: Spanish Shipwreck Coin from 1755

spanish shipwreck coin 1755Good morning!

An old friend recently shared this with me and thought it was too cool not to forward along :) One of the first coins I ever picked up myself was from an old shipwreck and they’re excellent gateways into collecting! I don’t think my friend here is a collector, but the appreciation she has for this particular coin is super interesting.

Here’s the note she passed along with the pics – thanks Desiree!


This is a coin found from a Spanish shipwreck from 1755. I wear it around my neck to remind me of things I love.

The wreck is off the coast of where I’m from, Vero Beach, FL. Found by Mel Fisher, a man my dad helped with engine repair, and who believed every day that “Today is the day” that he’d find the treasure.

It merges my dad, my love of the water, my hometown, and the importance of history.


Every coin tells a story, but oftentimes it’s lost over the years. It’s up to us to keep the memories alive!!

(Got a coin of your own with an interesting story? Pass me a note and we’ll consider featuring yours next on the site!)

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