The Best Stapler for Coin Collecting!

best coin collecting stapler

If anyone is looking for a better stapler for their 2×2 coin flips, might I suggest this one by MAX USA Corp.?

Max Flat-Clinch Stapler (Full Size)

I got the gray model pictured above (HD-50DF), but it also comes in black too (HD-50DFBK) and I cannot tell you HOW BEAUTIFULLY IT WORKS!! I searched so many sites and recommendations to finally find the perfect one for coin collecting, and it was finally this review here by Wizard Coin Supply that sold me on trying it:

“Absolutely the best manual stapler available for stapling coin flips (and just about anything else). We bought one of these to try it on 2×2 flips. We were so impressed that we bought several more for each desk at the office and at home. The staples are clinched flat on the back reducing the risk of staple scratches on coins and avoiding the need for clinching the staples with pliers… We have used these staplers for a couple of years now and have never had a jam so consider them near-jam proof as well.”

And the best part is that they take *regular staples* too – unlike other fancier ones – so you don’t need to pick up anything special! You can just keep using the ones you’re already using!

Been using this stapler for over 2 years now, and have absolutely no complaints at all. In fact, if anything I now have problems finding it because my whole family likes to steal it from me now! :) It’s made all our other staplers look bad! Haha..

Here are a few more reasons I love it:

  • It’s solid!
  • It clinches staples FLAT on the back so they don’t get caught on anything (or increase the height of flips making them harder to stack on top of each other or put in your binder sleeves!)
  • You can easily staple a bunch of papers all at once (30 total)
  • And while not usually a problem for me, its “twin-lever” mechanism helps cut stapling efforts by a full 30% which has actually been a nice change… And also makes me feel lazier ;)

As for price?

It’s not cheap, but it’s also not that expensive either. The Max Flat Clinch retails for about $28.00, but Wizard Coin Supply currently has it listed for $23.09 and at Amazon you can find it for $15.89. So basically for the price of 3 lattes you can have one of the best staplers in the industry!

Here are a few different angles of it below…

Happy stapling!

max flat clinch stapler full size

max flat clinch stapler - top

max flat clinch stapler - open


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