coin collection

Hey guys!

I’m now helping people inventory and sell their coin collections! I’ve been doing it for friends and family for a little over 7 years already (mainly with inherited collections), and now looking to expand my services to all our friends here :)

I’ve liquidated about a dozen or so collections so far, and you can see the kind words people have sent me down below in the “testimonials” section.

If this is something that can help you, keep reading!

My Experience:

  • 10 years as a coin and currency collector
  • 7 years helping friends sell their collections, ranging from smaller ones ($100+) to larger ones ($10,000+) and in between ($5,000+)
  • 12+ total collections inventoried and/or sold
  • Lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), the Virginia Numismatic Association (VNA), as well as my own local club

Services I offer:

  • Creating a detailed inventory of the collection. I provide you with a spreadsheet that includes all relevant data on each coin or currency in the collection. Including dates, denominations, “types”, grades, and the various values (retail, bullion, realistic).
  • Grading and valuing the collection. I use industry standards and guides, along with my own personal experience, to best gauge what each coin is worth (with the main factors being rarity, grade, and overall collectability).
  • Providing guidance and expectations along the way.
  • Selling of, or dispersing of, the collection after reviewing all inventory and options.

I’m also happy, of course, to assist with only parts of this as well, such as just inventorying the coins for you or providing guidance.

I charge a flat % fee for inventorying a collection and giving advice, and then another flat % fee if you choose for me to sell them for you. All of which is payable with coins from the collection itself so it doesn’t cost you a cent ;)

If any of these services sound helpful to you, just shoot me a note or fill out the form below and we’ll chat!




    “First off, thank you. You have been a life saver and we deeply appreciate your help. You have been super through this entire process and we appreciate everything you’ve done. I would recommend you and your services to anyone based on this. The fact that you are a friend helping me and my family out of a bind we had no idea how to handle is icing on the cake.” – A. Harrison


    “This has been an awesome experience overall. The game plan you presented to start, the adjustments along the way, and then the final delivery worked perfectly for me. Thank you so much for handling this for me and my family. Your time, effort and guidance has been well worth the commission fee.” – F. Oettinger


    “WOW!!! What an enormous amount of work on your part! You are AMAZING!!! We can’t begin to thank you for all your input and help with this…” – M. Callahan


    “I see from your work on this that it was inevitable that you would become some kind of money guru, as your spreadsheet reflects a very logical approach to the task at hand.  Very impressive analysis that I was not expecting.” – P. Mitchell