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Shark Coin Giveaway Winner!

It’s time to give away our 1/2 oz silver Great White Shark coin from the Perth Mint! Will you be its new lucky owner? *Drum roll please*… The winner of our shark coin giveaway, courtesy of, is… May! Congrats May! We’ll get it out to you soon ... [Full Post]

Susan B. Awesome

Picked up a few interesting pieces this weekend while out yard saling! One of which threw me for a loop – that beautiful Susan. B. Anthony dollar pictured above. As I do at all yard sales, especially ‘estate sales’, one of the first places I check out are ... [Full Post]

I’ll Grant You That, Lincoln.

Oh man, just came across a couple of old bills I picked up the other month while cleaning up my desk. A $50 bill from 1928, and a $5 bill from 1934. You don’t see those every day! Nor such clever blog titles, right? ;) ‘Cuz Grant and ... [Full Post]

Are You For Reale?

I picked up 3 new foreign coins to add to my collection – with one of them being a Mexican Reale (ya see what I did there?). I’m typically a U.S. collector, but when I’m shown beautiful old coins I just can’t help myself :) Especially when giving ... [Full Post]

How to Appreciate Your Coins More

I thought I’d share with you today something else I do with my coins after I pick them up in a trade or buy/etc. I recently blogged about *where* they all go as far as which collection of mine (the “box” vs the “binder”), but before any of ... [Full Post]

Batch of Old U.S. Coins from 1800s

Oh man, I had a KILLER time last night meeting up with a fellow coin collector for a few hours. There’s nothing like chatting about coins over some warm coffee towards the end of the week, I’ll tell you what… Except for maybe then COMING HOME with some ... [Full Post]

Error, Error, Error

I picked up my first 3 error coins! Mistakes from the mint that accidentally went into circulation (until an intrigued person/collector came across it and happily scooped it right out). I’ve never owned any error coins to this degree before, only some barely off-centered coins/ dollar bills, so ... [Full Post]

9 Questions with… Len Penzo

Welcome to our 2nd ever coin collector interview! And, just like the 1st one we did (on myself), this one’s a bit quirky too :) Because you see, my good friend, and fellow finance blogger, Len Penzo does not fancy himself an actual “collector.” At least in terms ... [Full Post]

Where I Keep All My Coins

I don’t know why, but this will probably be my favorite post I write on this site. There’s something so voyeuristic about seeing where people hoard their things :) Especially their valuable things. And, just like money is so taboo to talk about in the open these days, ... [Full Post]

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