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9 Questions w/ Australian Simon

Hey guys! Got another great “9 Questions” for you today – this one coming all the way from Australia :) Fellow collector Simon stopped by today to drop some knowledge on pennies and other Australian coins he collects. If you’d like to be a featured collector on this ... [Full Post]

My New 1806 “Draped Bust” Half Cent

(Coins were so risqué back in the day, eh? ;)) This is the latest jewel in my collection, and one I’ve been trying to get off a buddy of mine for a while. I’m not sure if I just caught him in a good mood, or my offer this ... [Full Post]

If You Like Gold and/or Pirates…

Enter my giveaway I’m doing over at my finance blog, We’re giving away a 1/10 oz. American Gold Eagle coin, along with a cool pirate book and 2 hour consulting session. But me thinks you scalleywags would like to make off with mainly the coin, am I ... [Full Post]

Winner of The Grey Wolf Coin!

The winner of the 2015 Canadian Grey Wolf coin is…. bum bum bum…. “M.E.” Well, not me-me – as in the person typing this right now, but the clever person who goes as M.E. on the interwebs ;) Congrats Mr/Mrs? M.E.! Hope it’s a nice addition to your ... [Full Post]

9 Questions with Eric Rosenberg

Hey guys! It’s been a while since we did our last “9 Questions” so we’re picking it back up today with my friend, and fellow finance blogger, Eric Rosenberg of Narrow Bridge Finance. It’s always interesting to see how people got started in the hobby and what they ... [Full Post]

My New Vintage Coin Safe

Finally got around to snapping some pics of my new safe I picked up :) I wasn’t really in the market for one as I already have a safe I use for important paperwork and my special collection of coins, but a friend of mine really wanted to ... [Full Post]

Two Cent Peculiarities

I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with the odd denominated coins of our past. Particularly two cent and three cent pieces. They’re just so cool and, well, odd looking that whenever I see someone looking to part with ’em I usually can’t help but to start bartering ... [Full Post]

Lucky Gold Coin

The other day I hosted a “Ask J. Money Day” where people sent in questions – no matter of what nature – and I’d answer them. One such reader chimed in with questions on valuing paper currency (which I’ll put in a different post), and then after some ... [Full Post]

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