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A Barber Dime in the Drive-Thru!

Look what my friend Greg found!! Saw him mention it in his blog’s newsletter the other day and asked if he’d elaborate on it for us… Here’s how he came to be its new owner :) ******* Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and just a few days ... [Full Post]

“I found 48 silver half dollars in rolls!”

Got an email I thought y’all would enjoy :) Sorry for being M.I.A. lately! *********** Hey Jay, I want to start out by saying how much I love your enthusiasm, as well as your passion for coins, and your willingness to share your knowledge with others. I started ... [Full Post]

A 5 Step Guide to Coin Collecting

[Hey guys! Have a great article to share today for all those new – or interested in – starting a coin collection. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing starting out, so hopefully this gives y’all a better start :) And it comes from the staff ... [Full Post]

The Trade Up Game Continues!

G’ afternoon my coin friends! Got some pretty cool news to report today: OUR ONE YEAR NO-TRADE-STREAK HAS BEEN BROKEN! WOO! I just received the above coin in the mail this week, which means our Trade Up game is back on track again! Where we keep *ahem* trading ... [Full Post]

What It’s Like to Be a Coin Dealer

(Hey guys! Got an awesome guest post for you today from my new friend – and coin dealer – Jesse Gernigin. We’ve been emailing back and forth a bit, and when I asked if he’d ever be willing to share what it’s like to own your own shop ... [Full Post]

Attack of The Silver Dimes!

I was over at my mother-in-law’s this weekend, and it turns out her sister (my aunt-in-law?) has had a hoard of silver dimes at her bank for decades. I asked if she wanted me to take a look at them and value them for her, and she was ... [Full Post]

Latest Trade: 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime!

(Be honest – you’re reading this cuz I said “bust” aren’t you? ;)) I picked up a beauty this week, friends! An 1834 “bust” half dime. Because America was too cool for nickels back in the day, haha… And they apparently liked their coins small! These things have ... [Full Post]

9 Questions with… 9 y/o Ethan!

What up, what up coin lovers! I’m beyond thrilled to share with y’all today’s 9 Questions, featuring someone not only super passionate and AWESOME at collecting coins, but who’s also shockingly young at that. Meet Ethan. My new favorite 9 year old! :) (That’s him holding a stash ... [Full Post]

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